RFK Stadium

Washington, DC

Team: Washington Senators (AL 1962 - 1971), Washington Nationals (NL 2005 - 2007) Capacity: 45,016 (1971) 56,000 (2005)
First Senators Game: April 9, 1962 Last Senators Game: September 30, 1971
First Nationals Game: April 14, 2005 Dimensions: Lines: 335 Power Alleys: 385 CF 410
Official Name: Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium Owner: District of Columbia

Memorable Moments:

This was the original cookie cutter dual NFL and MLB ballpark. What a distinction.

Well, there isn't really too much you can say about this ballpark. It looks like a forty five year old stadium with a fresh coat of paint slapped on it, when in fact that is exactly what it is. It was a boring, plain, no frills park that was kind of uncomfortable. I feel bad for this franchise, as the Expos they had the pleasure of playing in Stade Olympique only to move here. Another thing that drove me crazy about this park was all of inter-inning promotions. This was a major league park with a minor league atmosphere. If there is anything good to say about this park, it is that the staff was super friendly and helpful. That will earn them some points.

2005-17 Paul Healey.