Stade Olympique

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Team: Montreal Expos Opening Day: April 15, 1977
Capacity: 43,739 (2003) 58,838 (1977) Dimensions: CF 404, Power Alleys 375, Foul Lines 325
Surface: Astroturf Architect: Roger Taillibert, Paris, France
Cost: over $1 Billion Owner: City of Montreal

Memorable Moments:

The Spacecraft U.S.S. Olympic Stadium

Indoor baseball is terrible. I hate it. The stadium is cavernous, impersonal, and has artificial turf. The retractable roof no longer retracts. It looks like an old Star Trek spaceship. The walls and seats of the stadium looked very 70's, and not in the John Travolta kind of way.

Red Sox vs. Expos, July 15, 2001

Unfortunately, Montreal doesn't support its team, the strike really hurt them. They played the Red Sox there and someone referred to it as Fenway North and they weren't kidding. They were easily double the amount of Sox fans there as Expo lovers. Montreal is a great city, but a hockey city. The stadium is terrible, needs repair, and the team is not a big seller. I hate to say it, but I think Major League Baseball needs to dissolve this team.

The Expos retired numbers are (in numerical order):

This is a weird looking stadium. It looks like a spaceship has landed.

2001-17 Paul Healey. Some photos © Mike Durkin and Tolivero.