Parc Jarry

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Team: Montreal Expos Opening Day: April 14, 1969
Capacity: 28,456 Dimensions: LF 340, CF 420, RF 340
Surface: grass Closing Day: September 26, 1976

The outside of the modern day tennis court.

In 1968 Montreal was granted Major League Baseball's first Canadian team. They had to find a park for them to play in so Parc Jarry was converted from a 3,000 person stadium to hold 28,456 fans. The Expos played here until the city of Montreal built Parc Olympique in order to host the 1976 Olympic games. In 1977 the Expos moved into their current home. Today Parc Jarry is used for tennis.

The parc today.

2001-17 Paul Healey. Photographs of the old stadium their owners. Used without permission.