Pelican Stadium

New Orleans, LA

Team: New Orleans (St. Louis) Stars AKA: Heinemann Park, Municipal Park, Larry Gilbert Stadium
Dimensions: LF 292 CF 405 RF 294 (1940), LF 427 CF 405 RF 418 (1941) Capacity: 9,500
Cost: $50,000 Opening Day: April 13, 1915
Demolished: October 1957

The grandstand was brought from this parks predecessor, Athletic Park. This park was abandoned when civil rights protests, over the lack of black baseball players, drove the Pelicans out of town. The variance in outfield dimensions was due to an inner fence. Despite playing its home games in New Orleans, the national media referred to this team as being from St. Louis, since that is where the Stars were historically from.

2016-17 Paul Healey.