Owen J. Bush Stadium

Indianapolis, IN

Team: Indianapolis ABCs,
Indianapolis Clowns, Indianapolis Athletics, Indianapolis Crawfords
Closing Day: July 3, 1996
Capacity: 15,000 + (1938) 12,934 (1985) Dimensions: LF 350 CF 500 RF 350 (1931), LF 335 CF 395 RF 335 (1989)
Cost: $500,000 AKA: Perry Stadium (1931 - 1942), Victory Field (1942 - 1967)
Opening Year: 1931

Memorable Moments:

In 1823, Fielding Geeter bought some land for growing corn for $309 from the federal government. The land has only changed four times. Geeter sold to Charles Rauh who sold to Norman A. Perry in 1931. Perry owned the American Association (Triple-A) Indianapolis Indians and he planned to build a ballpark here. The only things on this tract of land were an old house and a well. The house was torn down but the well became part of the baseball park.

This park was designed to resemble Wrigley Field right down to the ivy on the outfield wall, however there was no upperdeck. This task was accomplished so well that Bush Stadium was used in the filming of the move Eight Men Out, about the 1919 Black Sox scandal. This park was originally named Perry Stadium after owner Norm Perry's brother James. It was renamed Victory Field in honor of the United States World War II victory, and finally named Owen J. Bush stadium after a native son who achieved fame as a player for the Detroit Tigers who returned home to be president of the Indianapolis Indians. In 1967 the land was purchased by the City of Indianapolis, owner number four.

I have heard this was a wonderful place to see a game, but alas, I was too late. After the Indians moved out in 1996 it was turned into the 16th Street Speedway which housed midget car races. It is now abandoned.

This stadium was used by the following minor leagues. All times are the Indians unless noted.

2004-17 Paul Healey.