Lloyd Street Grounds

Milwaukee, WI

Team: Milwaukee Brewers
Opening Day: May 3, 1901
Closing Day: September, 1901 Dimensions: LF 290 LCF 413 CF 400 RCF 413 RDF 290
Capacity: 9,000

This park was a "bathtub ballpark". For more on that, read about Borchert Field. This was built in 1895 and used by the minor Western League until 1899. In 1900, the Brewers became an American League franchise, and were one of the original teams when the AL went Major League in 1901. This was a single decked park with a press box on top of a tower behind home plate. The grandstand was only ten rows deep, and the bleachers were smaller. Around this time, Milwaukee's population was 300,000. Even though they drew 139,034 fans in 1901, it wasn't enough to keep the team, and the franchise was given to St. Louis.

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